Our services

A strong team of professionals with solid training in accountancy will help you to ensure that your accounting is the instrument that you need for control and management. From Saumoy, Ribó i Baiges Assessors we can either do all the accounting work so that you don’t need to worry about it (outsourcing) or we can provide accounting consultancy consisting of regular reviews and analysis of the data. Our main services are the following:

Financial accounting

  • Accounting management and reviews for companies. The design of accountancy plans.
  • The mechanized and manual transcription of accounts (outsourcing).
  • Accounting and record-keeping for entrepreneurs and professionals in the direct or objective assessment tax regimes.
  • The training of staff in accounts departments.
  • The review of circuits and files.
  • Dealing with backlogs in accounting.
  • The preparation of annual accounts and their lodging in the Commercial Registry.

Analytical accounting and company management

  • Analytical and cost accounting.
  • Budgetary accounting. Preparation and monitoring of budgets.
  • Monitoring of the treasury.
  • Analysis of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.
  • Advising on and preparing reports on accounting and strategy.
  • Business plans.
  • Calculation of the threshold of profitability and the financial break-even point.

Other services

  • Internal auditing.
  • Valuation of companies.
  • Accounts of co-operatives, foundations, associations and other special trading entities.