Our services

Tax advice and management of companies and individuals are some of our main specialities, to which we dedicate human and material resources of the first order, to ensure excellent efficiency in our operations.

Main Areas of Management

Tax advice for companies

Corporate tax advice consists of the study of the fiscal consequences of a company’s transactions in order to rationalize the tax burden within the framework of the current tax legislation. Taking into account the particularities of our clients, our job consists of:

  • Definition of the tax policy and planning of operations.
  • Solving questions on tax issues, either orally or in writing.
  • Giving information on legislation and on administrative or court decisions of interest to our clients.
  • Helping with the preparation and submission of tax returns:
    • Corporate tax.
    • VAT / Property Transfer Tax.
    • Special taxes.
    • Taxation of foreign subsidiaries and non-residents.
    • Taxation of co-operatives, foundations, associations and other special trading entities.
    • Local taxes.

Tax advice for individuals

Tax advice for individuals takes into account the fiscal impact that may affect individuals or their business or professional activities. Among the services which we provide, we highlight the following:

  • Payment by instalments: direct and objective assessment (modules).
  • Value Added Tax / Property Transfer Tax.
  • Income Tax / Property Tax.
  • Taxes on Inheritances and Gifts.
  • Attendance at the Tax Inspectorate.

Attendance, representation and defence before the Public Administration

  • Preparation, review and processing of documents and enquiries addressed to the Tax Administration.
  • Processing of tax deferment files.
  • Appeals and claims.
  • Attendance at the Tax Inspectorate.

Other services

  • International taxation
  • Tax audits
  • Due diligence
  • Empowerment for tax purposes
  • Tax Agency Notifications – Electronic notifications