Our services

The Legal Department and its team of professionals and lawyers offer you a service of legal and judicial advice and consultancy in both the business and the personal spheres, and both nationally and internationally. They are able to work in several languages, covering different branches and specialities of the world of Law.

The areas of specialization and intervention are the following:


Companies and entrepreneurs:

  • General legal advice for individuals and companies.
  • Company incorporation:
    • Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Cooperatives.
    • Foundations, Associations.
    • Companies with foreign shareholders.
  • Company operations and agreements of all types:
    • appointments and powers of attorney.
    • changes to company bylaws (purpose, domicile, company name, etc.).
    • capital increases and decreases.
    • approval of accounts, adjustment of own funds and losses on the balance sheet.
    • liquidations, dissolutions, etc.
  • Company agreements in addition to the Bylaws.
  • Conversions, mergers and take-overs.
  • Purchase and sale of shares and holdings.
  • General meetings / Boards of directors.
    • Calls to meeting.
    • Preparation and drafting of meeting minutes. Attendance as Lawyers.
    • Review of Company Books (meeting and board of director’s minutes; book of partners and shareholders).
  • Family companies (advice, preparation and drafting of agreements).

Purchase and sale of companies, businesses and production units:

  • Advice and negotiation.
  • Studies, preparation and drafting of contracts, documents and agreements.

Restructuring and viability of companies and businesses:

  • Legal advice and global analysis of business planning, as well as legal viability plans (financial contracts, strategies, restructuring, commercial contracts, etc.).
  • Purchase and sale of production units.
  • Conversion of companies (partnerships, trading companies, etc.).
  • Mergers, takeovers and division of companies and branches of activity.

Commercial contracting:

  • Advice and drafting of any type of contract (agency, distribution, partnership, joint venture, franchise, transport, loan, industrial property, service provision and new technology contracts, etc.).
  • Data protection.
  • Legal study and drafting of commercial documentation (suppliers, transport, clients, products, etc.).

International contracts:

  • Advice and drafting of different types of commercial contract (agency, distribution, importation, exportation, international transport, franchises, purchase and sale: companies, businesses, products; service provision, loans, contracts between parent companies and subsidiaries, etc.).

Commercial proceedings:

  • All types of commercial proceedings:
  • Company:
    • Trading companies.
    • Liability proceedings against Directors.
    • Challenges against company agreements.
    • Defence of partners/minority shareholders.
    • Conflicts of interest between shareholders and directors.
  • Entrepreneurs/freelancers.
  • Commercial contracting.
  • Industrial property. Unfair competition and defence of competition.
  • Collection of outstanding payment.
  • Financial contracts and claims (swaps, “floor clauses”, mortgages, preferred stock, derivatives and other financial products).

Bankruptcy proceedings:

  • Advice and study of insolvency of individuals and companies.
  • Negotiations prior to bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Filing and monitoring of bankruptcy proceedings, both voluntary and involuntary.
  • Negotiation and approval of agreements with creditors.
  • Representation of creditors and defence of their interests in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Liability of directors.
  • Physical persons (Second Chance Act).

Civil law:

Civil proceedings

  • All types of civil proceedings. Judicial claims:
  • Monetary claims/non-payment of debt. Extrajudicial and Judicial claims.
  • Obligation to act.
  • Urban leases: Evictions (non-payment), claims for outstanding amounts, creation and determination of both urban and country leases, commercial property, housing and garage leases etc.
  • Claims for contractual or extra-contractual civil liability.
  • Claims for damage. Direct damage.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Claims against banks (shares, preferred stock, subordinated debt, etc.).
  • Judicial claims against developers, architects and building technicians. Decennial liability. Representation of plaintiffs/defendants.
  • Legal assistance in proceedings to execute judicial and extrajudicial rulings to recover disputed interest.
  • Division of common property.


  • Separation, divorce, maintenance, execution of agreements or sentences (contested or uncontested).
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements to terminate relations between any type of couple, especially as related to custody, guardianship and financial interests.
  • Marital capital.
  • Change of marital economic regime.
  • Incapacitation.
  • Conservatorship and guardianship.

Successions and donations

  • Donations.
  • Successions.
  • Wills. Advice and formalisation.
  • Negotiation and claims between heirs and forced heirs.
  • Acceptance and adjudication of inheritance.
  • Judicial claims regarding inheritance and forced heirs.
  • Tax issues (successions and donations).
  • Advice on inheritance and succession tax planning.

Claims for personal and material damage

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Claims to insurance companies.
  • Professional negligence.

Neighbours’ associations/Real estate

  • Legal advice.
  • Attendance of meetings.
  • Matters relating to communities of neighbours and horizontal property.
  • Challenges to agreements of neighbours’ associations.

Civil contracts

  • Advice, negotiation, study and drafting of any type of civil or private contract or agreement (purchase and sale of movable assets, real estate, leases, exchange agreements, loans, bond, rentals, deposits, purchase options, donations, etc.).
  • Acknowledgement of debt. Formalisation. Notarisation.
  • Private partnerships

Criminal law:

Criminal proceedings

  • Crimes and offences in general (economic, company, etc.).
  • Civil liability. Compensation.
  • Advice and processing of claims and complaints.
  • Intervention in all types of criminal matters both for private plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Specialisation in financial criminal law: fraud, misappropriation, criminal bankruptcy, concealment of assets, etc.
  • Criminal responsibility of company directors and entrepreneurs.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Traffic and work accidents.
  • Assistance to detainees.
  • Drink-driving/loss of driving licence.

Administrative matters:


  • Writs and appeals that can be challenged administratively regarding resolutions, sanctions, liquidations.
  • Writs and appeals that can be challenged economically (TEAR and TEAC).

Procedural law

  • Advice, filing and monitoring of contentious-administrative proceedings.

Urban development

  • Advice, claims and legal intervention in matters related to urban development, compensation and corporation boards, dealings with government bodies, etc.

Arbitration, reconciliation and mediation:

  • Intervention and advice in arbitration, reconciliation and mediation proceedings.

Claims for non-payment (delinquency):

  • Advice and filing of extrajudicial and judicial claims.
  • Civil, commercial and criminal claims and proceedings. Criminal and civil liability of legal persons and administrators.