Our services

We place at your disposal a competent team of professionals, in continuous training, and extensive knowledge of labour relations in the business world, with the aim of advising and supporting you in all the activities which you may need for a good organization of human resources.

Main Actions Taken

  • Permanent advice to the company on labour relations.
  • Notification of the main legislative innovations by means of our Informative Circular.
  • Legalization of new businesses and recommendations concerning labour relations for entrepreneurs.
  • Management of workers’ registrations in the Social Security system, and also of changes and de-registrations.
  • Providing information about the costs of contracting, after analysis to show the most suitable type of contract for each business.
  • Drawing up of all kinds of work contracts and special agreements relating to remuneration, non-competition, continuity, exclusivity, discontinuation by mutual agreement, etc.
  • Communication with the Public Employment Service about contracts, certificates and periods of activity in situations of redundancy, suspension or reduced working hours.
  • Preparation of pay slips for the staff in conformity with the employment regulations applicable to each company’s sector of activity.
  • Preparation and despatch of Social Security contribution documents.
  • Management of the CRA file and communication with the General Treasury of the Social Security about the different wage components paid to the workers.
  • Debt deferrals and return of undue income
  • Drawing up of written warnings and dismissal letters.
  • Redundancy schemes involving suspension or termination of contracts.
  • Legal assistance and representation during Work Inspections.
  • Participation in individual conciliation procedures at the Department of Employment.
  • Collective conciliation procedures at the Employment Tribunal of Catalonia.
  • Representation before the Social Courts.
  • Company work audits.
  • Advice on, and processing of, Social Security dossiers concerning retirement, maternity, paternity, temporary disability, risks during pregnancy, permanent disability, death and survival, etc.
  • Formalizing workers’ relocations abroad.
  • Advising on Social Security regimes or special systems (self-employed, agricultural, domestic, artists, sales representatives, etc.).
  • Support in the receipt of electronic notifications from the General Treasury of the Social Security.
  • Requests for special agreements from the Social Security.
  • The writing of allegations, discharges or appeals addressed to the employment bodies.