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International Relocation Service

A globalized economy requires companies to have great agility in moving their employees to other countries. They have to overcome complex administrative procedures to comply with the existing legislation on immigration and expatriation in different countries.

Any error in processing immigration files can result in huge delays in providing a service to the client, which can damage the reputation of the provider.

Likewise, the administrative procedures in Spain for obtaining immigrants’ work permits involve an increasing degree of specialization. In this regard, it should be noted that the type of work permit that a foreign citizen can obtain determines the tax and social security regimes that apply to them and their relatives.

To help you to overcome these difficulties, we offer you a competent immigration department composed of experts who can solve your problems with full guarantees.

Indeed, Saumoy Ribó i Baiges Assessors, S.A.P provides immigration and expatriation solutions to companies that employ foreign workers through its immigration advisory service, thus helping your organization in all the fiscal, legal and management aspects involved in the international posting of an employee.

Thanks to our professionals, specialists in the fields of taxation, employment and social security, you will have at your disposal a global service (Global Mobility Solutions) in the management of immigration and expatriates. Our services are:

  • Advice on international immigration matters.
  • Planning of expatriation and immigration procedures.
  • Management of all types of work and residence permits in Spain.
  • Establishment of policies on mobility, expatriation, alien status and immigration for a group of professionals in your company.
  • Management of displaced workers as one more immigration procedure.
  • Making arrangements in the consulates to obtain visas.

Why should you choose our firm?

Because we know and specialize in these matters, and because we invest time in understanding the needs of your business and the type of international assignment to determine the most appropriate work permit in any country according to your needs. The complexities in the management of alien status and displaced workers in each country or region determine the strategy to be followed for its advancement and development to be as correct as possible.

Because we work with consultants who specialise in immigration matters in various fields to prevent unnecessary mishaps or legal violations.

Because we seek constant communication with the administrative authorities to ensure more efficiency in our records.

Because we assure availability and speed in our response to any enquiries related to immigration and expatriation.

And because our fees are set in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises in the cost of the service.