Legalization of accounting books for fiscal year 2021

Mercantile Companies are obliged to keep the corporate books, including the Minutes Book and the Shareholders’ Record Book (in the case of S.A., Nominative Shares Record Book), exclusively in electronic format and their legalization in telematic form. In this way, the legalization of these books prior to their use in paper format disappears.

The Minutes Book must transcribe in electronic format all the minutes of the collegiate bodies of the mercantile companies, Minutes of the General Shareholders’ Meeting (at least the Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting for the approval of the Annual Accounts), and Minutes of the Board of Directors (at least one minute per quarter). The legalization of this book must be carried out every year.

If the accounting year corresponds to the calendar year, from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, in this case, the deadline for the legalization of the accounting books will be April 30, 2022 at the competent Mercantile Registry.

The Mercantile Registry has published a notice regarding the postponement of the deadline for the legalization of books for the financial year 2020.

The new deadline will end 4 months after the lifting of the state of alarm or its extensions (one month after the new date for the formulation of accounts).

Likewise, all books must be completed in electronic format and must be sent electronically.

Documentation to be sent to us for the legalization of books for fiscal year 2020.

The books must be sent to us (by e-mail or CD, or pendrive) in pdf or excel format. The minimum content of the books must be the same that was included until now in the books on paper or CD, plus the minutes.

  • Day book – from opening to closing of the fiscal year
  • Balance book – quarterly trial balance + balance sheet and profit and loss account as of December 31.
  • Minutes of the fiscal year

From these documents, we will carry out the telematic presentation, obtaining the corresponding certificate of diligence.

We remain at your disposal to advise you in the preparation and presentation of the accounting books for the year 2020, and other corporate books.