Who we are | Our clients

Our clients are:

Self-employed and independent liberal professionals:

A liberal professional or a small businessman probably needs, more than anyone else, a good, comprehensive advisory service.

We have the appropriate and trustworthy professional for each specific need.

We want to be at your side, to listen to you, understand your unique circumstances, help to solve your problems and gain your trust.

Services we usually offer to self-employed professionals.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

The word SME often sounds like a hotchpotch which includes companies of very different types. Our service proposition for SMEs begins with the identification of such differences.

The next step is to assign to the client a professional manager, who, because of his /her experience, can better identify the particular problems of the client’s company or business.

After that, our job consists of providing the support and solutions required by our client.

The professionals at SRB ASSESSORS assure efficient work, easy contact and communication, and understandable solutions and proposals.

In short, we are very close to you to help at all times.

In particular, if, at some point in your life, you need the help of a professional to resolve problems of tax, labour and legal management.